Vogue Archives

by Farra

In case you missed it, Anna Wintour was on CBS News this morning discussing the brand new digital archives website of every Vogue magazine ever, which just went live this past Wednesday. For anyone in the fashion industry this is an absolutely incredible tool, but subscriptions come at a whopping price tag of $1,575 a year. If you just want to see all of the amazing covers, you can purchase the the book Vogue: The Covers, compiled by Vogue Contributor Dodie Kazanjian and International Editor-at-Large Hamish Bowles in honor of the magazine’s 120th anniversary in 2012.

Here are some of the most notable Vogue covers in history:

{the very first cover of Vogue, December 1892}

{the first cover in color, July 1932}

{Anna Wintour’s first cover, November 1988. Thought to have been a mistake by the printers because it was so radical and different}

{the largest issue ever: The September Issue, 2007. 840 pages & weighing in at 5 pounds}

{Images found here}