Snap That

by Farra

Santa came early this year!  Well, in my case, Hanukkah Harry.  My boyfriend (Jarret, so I can stop referring to him as “my boyfriend”) knew how badly I’ve been wanting a new camera for the purposes of this blog… one that isn’t literally from junior year of college, and he surprised me with one for the holidays.  I couldn’t be happier!

Now I can start posting more of my own pictures, which I’ve really been wanting to do.  Until I get to the good stuff like Santa Barbara (sadly Mammoth was cancelled due to lack of snow) and maybe even an occasional outfit post, here’s just a few test snaps with my new toy from the weekend:

{A perfect Friday night in with a wine that was purchased solely because of its name, but actually tasted great}

{Sending out the last of the holiday cards}

 {Satisfying my Sunday sweet tooth}