Excited You’re Here, 2012

by Farra

I wrote this a few days ago but my blog’s been undergoing some re-branding (it’s allllmost there, what do you think so far?!), so I chose to hold off on actually posting it.  With New Year’s Eve being tomorrow, I decided I must not wait any longer to say that I hope everyone had the happiest of holidays – Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate – spending time with loved ones over good food, drinks, and conversation.  Pictured above is the yummy cocktail I contributed to a family dinner on Christmas Eve (recipe here, although it’s beyond simple: hot chocolate + Bailey’s with a Hint of Mint Chocolate + whipped cream + crushed candy canes).  It’s so good, I want one right now.  Anyways.  2012 is just days away so there’s no better time to reflect on the past year and resolve to make a few easy, doable changes in the new one.  New Year’s resolutions never seem to stick longer than a few weeks but I am hoping that putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and listing them for all to see will be the constant reminder that I need to make things happen.

1.  Get on a consistent exercise routine and stick to the schedule, even if it’s just once a few times a week.

2.  Try (just try) a juice cleanse.  After the amount of food, sweets, and liquor/wine I consumed this holiday season, it would be great if I could actually stick to it, but I’m not getting ahead of myself here.

3.  Cook more, eat out/take out less.

4.  Drink more water and less Diet Coke.

5.  Be more productive in my down time.  Check things off my to-list quicker.

6.  Be neater and tidier.  Exercise control over my inner slob.

7.  Spend more time with my Grandmas.  I love them both dearly and they’re not getting any younger, so this is one I’m following through with, regardless of everything else.

8.  Go home (to my parent’s house) more often.  I live so close, it’s a shame that this has to be listed.

9.  Be better at staying in touch.  See my LA friends more often.

10.  Re-budget.  Think and really evaluate before splurging, and be smarter in general when it comes to finances.

11.  Continue to express myself creatively so as not to get stifled at the day job.  (Blog consistently).

12.   Keep up the hard work at the day job.  Work harder.

13.  Play harder.

14.  Read more.  (Books, not gossip magazines).

15.  Go green whenever possible.  Reduce, reuse, & recycle!

There you have it.  15 resolutions that I truly hope to work on in the coming year.  I am off to Santa Barbara for the weekend… wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!  And thank you for supporting my new creative venture, there’s a lot more to come.  See you in 2012!

P.S… Happy Birthday to my brother Darrin, love you!