Broken Flowers

by Farra

I’m really digging this series by New York photographer Jon Shireman.  In Broken Flowers, Shireman dipped various blooms into liquid nitrogen and then smashed them on a hard surface while recording the the destruction with a high-speed camera.

jon-shireman-borken-flowers-1-600x381 jon-shireman-borken-flowers-2-600x381 jon-shireman-borken-flowers-3-600x381 jon-shireman-borken-flowers-4-600x385 jon-shireman-borken-flowers-5-600x385 jon-shireman-borken-flowers-6-600x381 jon-shireman-borken-flowers-7-600x385 jon-shireman-borken-flowers-600x385

Awesome results, no?

{via Trendland // information on Shireman + more of his work can be found on his website,}